... souls that meet, paths that cross, lives that evolve, stories that write themselves in the sound that emerges from a silence that fortune takes away from us and chance gives to us.

Walking through the music, the paths of Paula and Trasgoblin come together in fortuitous meeting in 2015, where the opportunity gave them the glimpse of stylistic union, the look of musical complicity, the space for generational symbiosis.

From that casual energy springs the seed of an idea that came to the hands of the producer Bori Alarcón, who captured that flash through his prism, chiseling the idea and the concept, providing a more refined vision and defining the foundations of Madhero. In the Montepríncipe Studios (Madrid) some of the themes that Bori, through his global vision and knowledge, convert into key pieces of the project are recorded.

Along the musical paths, Xane appears, becoming a fundamental part through his rhythm, providing his own vision and a touch of fresh, modern and irreverent air.

From this crossroads, this gift of fortune unravels 15 passionate themes based on three pillars. Voice and lyrics, rhythm and melodies.